Evenings at the Crow Park


Ever since the Crow park (CP) has been renovated, I go for evening walks there. The park isn’t like a usual place for me.. whenever I’m there, I feel an urge to scribble down what I see….The name is given by myself, as the park gives shelter to an abundant number of crows. At dusk, the black birds can be seen settling in on the tree tops with so much noise. The chances of getting blessings (droppings) from the birds are more during this time.

The plush green lawn in the park is surrounded by a neat paved walkway. A portion is developed into kids play area with slides and swings. Another portion is dedicated for exercise equipments. In the middle there is a new statue of a man standing on the earth, holding a creeper plant in hand… I guessed it meant something like ’embracing nature’. The park is huge when compared to other ones in our neighborhood. Hence I find the place comfortable for jogging.

After two rounds around the park, I stopped to take a breath. A lady who looked in her 60’s overtook me swiftly. She wore a salwar kameez and did slow jogging. Inspired by her spirit, I started off again for another round.

The crowd is less in the CP, which motivates me to sit back and relax after my walk/run. While I relaxed, I observe the people around briefly.. Today, a baby was sitting on the grass with her father, both of them having a good bonding time. A group of boys were busy playing some games. A few elderly people were taking their strolls along the walkway. Some determined house wives were working on the exercise machines.

I felt a kind of bonding with the strangers I met there. We were all equals, like from the same family..we came to the CP to shed off worries, improve health, cleanse the mind and be Happy. A solo bat flew across the sky, it looked as if it conveyed a silent message ‘I watch you all from above, thus I know you all’…

My iPod played a beautiful Hindi playlist. Suddenly my face had a smile, there was no reason for it..it was a smile, a simple gesture of happiness. After some stretches, I walked back home. On the way, I tried to smile at strangers crossing my way…they looked confused. I continued to smile.


The thin child

When a baby is born, joy spreads in the family..visitors flow in, gifts are bought and sweets shared. Along with the smiles and happiness that a child birth brings, there is a different set of emotions that often goes unnoticed…

I’m talking about the new mother. The early motherhood days are stressful and confusing for a first-time-mother (FTM). She doesn’t know how to feed the baby. When the baby cries for strange unknown reasons, the mother wouldn’t know how to stop it. She wish to pamper the little one but would be too tired and exhausted to do that. Yet she learn things quickly, say within a two week’s time.

For all FTMs, advices and tips from experienced women comes as a free offer. Sometimes she gets parenting advices from random unknown people she just met at a shop or during a trip. How to deal with these? Take only the practical and good ones in, ignore the rest. Here is the reason why – For every woman motherhood is different and her baby is unique. All babies are not the same. We can’t always generalise the behaviours. Definitely experienced-mom-stories do help raising a child. But, there is nothing more important than your self discoveries and experiments while taking care of your child. Make mistakes, learn from them, find out what is best for your baby.

The FTMs spend hours researching the internet to find healthy food options she can give the child. When the baby is a fussy eater, it becomes an exhausting task to feed the child on a daily basis. This doesn’t stop her from trying, she is determined to win. Everyday these trial and error methods continue on the baby food. For every mother, her child comes first. When a doctor says the baby is underweight, it breaks the mother’s heart. She doubts her own abilities. This feeling aggravates when she hears it from her neighbours, friends or family members.

While every mother is craving to find positivity around her, even a casual remark/statement about how her baby ‘looks’..puts her in a low mood. To raise a happy kid, we need a happy mother. So, please keep this in mind next time you tend to tell a mom that her child looks so thin!

PS: There is no intention to insult/hurt the feelings of elder women/mothers through this write-up. The only aim was to reveal the thoughts/worries of a first time mother and how we can all positively contribute to help them raise the child. Thank you!