What Really Matters

What do I mean to the world around me? What impact would I make living in planet earth? What makes me different from others? Ever had these moments of deliberation?

Quite often while I’m busy with the daily chores or travelling to work, I contemplate on these lines. Everyday we try to abide by the rules of relationships. At home we become the care takers and at work we are the robots programmed to do tasks which are aligned to our roles. Although we have no clue where we are heading to, the ride just goes on like it’s insane. Yes we go in Circles. We come back and sleep to repeat it the next day. I hear people grumbling about trivial matters that can actually be overlooked. They have a set of things that they do everyday and cannot imagine pressing the pause button. They think in loops and complicate simple things in life forgetting to explore the sunny side of life.

So, when you really feel you are loosing track of the bottom-line, just take a break and go to a nearby park. Sit back & breathe, revel in the glory of nature. Try smiling at a stranger and see how you feel about it. You don’t have to travel miles to take a vacation. You can have your small vacations everyday by taking time off your routine. Explore a new coffee shop or library and treat yourself with something you love.

Instead of devoting your energy towards things that you cannot change, look around for things that can enrich you & bring back the cheer. So, it is okay if you don’t clean your house for a day or ignore the dishes that has piled up. If your maid didn’t turn up one day just take it easy, you always have a plan B. Don’t freak out if your kid spilled some milk on the bed, it is okay because even you would have done this too. It is crucial that you shouldn’t let frustrations take charge especially when you have children around. They learn & absorb the little things quickly. Pass on good vibes to them & set no limits for expressing your love.

Why don’t you choose contentment and happiness over petty things that can’t make good memories? Make time for your family but make sure that you also give time for yourself to think deep. Count your blessings and savour the treats that life has already given you! Look back and see what you’ve missed, chase your crazy dreams.


Dr.K’s magical smile

September 2013 United States: The fall season had just started. We stayed in Jersey city very close to Newyork. I landed in USA on the day of our first wedding anniversary. Days passed exploring new places everyday after office hours. I learnt to go shopping alone at the Indian street. The PATH trains were easy to travel.

A missed period prompted me to check for a good gynaecologist. I relied on a website where patients posted reviews about doctors. After a quick search, I fixed an appointment at a clinic in NYC. It wasn’t the nearest option, but the reviews were great.

On the day of the appointment, I met my husband midway after work hours. We proceeded to catch the metro train to the clinic. The NYC train system is not easy like PATH. We should carefully find the right trains which are named with alphabets. If mistaken, we could be going in the opposite direction. So after some extra walking and confusions we managed to find the clinic. It was near the financial district where the courts and other major government buildings stood.

At the clinic a front office staff smiled at us and asked to fill some forms. The clinic was neatly maintained with some informative posters and photographs of doctors. Soon we were called into the doctor’s cabin. Dr.K had a warm smiling face which immediately put me at ease. She had short straight hair and looked 35-40 ish. I answered a few questions. Some tests were performed and we waited for the results. A few minutes later, the assistant lady led us to another cabin with a lot of machines and a recliner chair. Dr.K came in with a cheerful Hi/Hello and started talking to me about something which I did not quite understand fully. I asked her for clarification..she asked me so is this the first time you realized that you are expecting? I quickly said ‘Yes, I didn’t know until you told me now’. She laughed and congratulated us! Her laugh was a special one spreading so much joy around. Her way of talking was sweet, like a little girl singing rhymes. She informed me about my next visit to get a scan done. She told the foetus was too small to be seen at that time.

The following days, we had many scheduled visits at her clinic. Some days I visited alone. Taking the subway trains remained as a game of luck everytime. It was way too complicated for a newbie in town. The doctor’s assistants addressed me as Ms.Jeevaan, they couldn’t pronounce my first name.

On some days, I met a boy with shoulder length hair sitting in her clinic. Later I learnt that it is Dr.K’s son. He must be back from school and waiting for mamma to finish work. During the scans, Dr.K showed me the movements of baby on a screen. I watched with so much amazement at her detailing. Once she laughed out loud when the baby did a jumping gesture while scanning.

Dr.K gave me the best news of my life the first day I met her. Her magical smile and sweet talks made it all the more special. She was a positive person, a quality every doctor should posses. Without this right attitude no medicine alone can help a patient feel better. She was the best doctor I have met so far. I had to say good bye to her as I moved to India for delivery. She wrote a piece of detailed instruction for the flight crew to make sure I got a comfortable seat and best care while flying. Someday I shall tell my boy about her magical smile which brought us goodluck!

I take the liberty to post a snap of her from the clinic brochure.