It’s MAYsome!

May stepped in; flaunting a fiery reddish-orange garb. Tiny new leaves have arrived, radiating hope for a brand new season.
School is temporarily out of mind. Hurray! Home work is out of question. Cousins come and go. It’s time to shop and show off! Work is slow. All eyes are on the holiday calendar. Yes, it’s that time of the year again. It’s time to stalk. It’s time to monitor where everyoneelse is going for vacay!

Here in Kerala, it’s raining mangoes. Ripe or raw – they go into pickles, curries and almost all traditional dishes. Kids are happy with their new umbrellas and raincoats. We all wait for the monsoons. Everytime I drive along a tree-lined street, I take a pause; to admire the orange flower carpets.

‘May Flower’ screamed a voice, tugging at my sleeve; as if to remind me ‘Ma, I’m here’. Did I forget to say something? He is the best gift May gifted me.


Afternoon Thoughts

The cats of the neighborhood follow a route of their own and a timing that beats the clock. It’s as if they know exactly when the fish seller enters the street announcing his arrival with that startling Beep Beep noise. As I watch them walking along the narrow compound wall, they appear to me like models on a ramp wearing different colored clothes. One of them sports a pitch black skin coat and often looks at me with its shiny green eyes. So, the models ramp walk, drawing in the smell of fish probably expecting to get a head or two from backyards. Seeing the show, the kid gets excited. He observes every movement and starts formulating his train of thoughts. Then he asks a zillion questions about cats. I answer patiently. Once the cats are gone, silence takes over. At times, the rustling of split plantain leaves broke the stillness.. Irregular shadows danced on the wall when the breeze took charge. The clothes on the string looks brighter as they fly towards the sunny sky. The leaves of the jack fruit tree glimmered in the afternoon light. I sat back and mulled over waiting for my evening tea. I longed to take out the book which I bought months back, kept on the shelf untouched. Then I thought maybe I should watch a movie which I had missed. I quickly brushed away the thought, trying to figure out what I really wanted to do, because there were so many To-Do’s that I didn’t know what to do. Finally I put my feet up and wrote about the luxury of spending a laid-back afternoon at home.