About Sreedevi Jeevan

I dream of wandering wild, walking along the woods plucking fruits, admiring sublime landscapes. The sheer joy of basking in the sunlight, watching new horizons. I wish to be lost in the kind of place where I can quench my thirst drinking from brooks, spend the day chasing butterflies, sipping honey and cooing with the birds. I am in love with cloud kissed mountains and flowery meadows. Freedom is what I crave for! Set me free so that I’ll come back to you..

It’s MAYsome!

May stepped in; flaunting a fiery reddish-orange garb. Tiny new leaves have arrived, radiating hope for a brand new season.
School is temporarily out of mind. Hurray! Home work is out of question. Cousins come and go. It’s time to shop and show off! Work is slow. All eyes are on the holiday calendar. Yes, it’s that time of the year again. It’s time to stalk. It’s time to monitor where everyoneelse is going for vacay!

Here in Kerala, it’s raining mangoes. Ripe or raw – they go into pickles, curries and almost all traditional dishes. Kids are happy with their new umbrellas and raincoats. We all wait for the monsoons. Everytime I drive along a tree-lined street, I take a pause; to admire the orange flower carpets.

‘May Flower’ screamed a voice, tugging at my sleeve; as if to remind me ‘Ma, I’m here’. Did I forget to say something? He is the best gift May gifted me.



A typical day in our little workroom.

An Uncelebrated Heroine


Rani stayed and worked in a nunnery after her tenth grade. A few years later, she fell in love with her friend Gita’s brother. One fine day, she packed her things and moved to his house. A week later they got married. Rani welcomed her new life although she was an unwelcomed guest in the new house. She felt happy to have a place to call home.

Love faded, reality hit her. The men of the household spent their hard earned money on liquor. Rani resumed her work to meet day to day expenses. She travelled from house to house, cleaning floors and washing dishes. Soon, she became a mother of two. Despite all the hard work, every day she returned home to complaints and bad words. She spent sleepless nights but never took a leave from work.
Meanwhile, her sister-in-law Gita got married. After gifting her with two children, the man abandoned her. The drunkard absconded with Rani’s gold chain which she had bought with her own savings. Gita and her children returned home forever. Beds and mats filled the small rooms, nine people slept under one roof.

Rani often missed her own family. She was young when her father moved away with another woman. Later, her mother found another man to live with. While she tried to run away from her bitter past, her marriage did not do justice to her either. Rani lived for her children. After a day’s work, she hated going back home. Every evening, she wondered where else would she go?

A woman in her thirties


Sometimes I find myself stuck between meaningless conversations that go about branded watches, diamond jewelry, gold facials, foreign holidays, night clubs, party and all things fancy. I feel lost like an alien.

Life in the 30’s is both exciting and terrible. It’s like entering a performance stage where the world will watch you, evaluate your worth and put marks. The car that you drive, the house that you own, the school which your kids study, the profession that you are in, the length of your dress, will all count.

You meet people who will try to pull you down and judge you for every action, every word you say. And then rarely you chance upon angels who lift you up with their positivity, encourage you to do better and prosper. Meanwhile, you cut off many contacts, reunite with old friends, make your own little circle and find comfort in it. You realize that party and drinks will not keep you fired up in the long run. Uninterrupted phone calls, meals, showers, and movie hours becomes a luxury.

Before you know it, you run the family. You become the bearing that turns the wheel. You are meant to mend holes and heal hearts. You keep the family intact. You practice the art of balancing selfishness and selflessness every day.

This is for every woman who does it all but still feels that you are not doing enough. Every time you are lost, may you find the strength to find yourself again.

Happy Women’s Day.

Beware of humans

At night I heard the silent mourning of a mother bird who lost her offsprings…

After we moved in to a new apartment, we had a pigeon’s nest close to one of the windows. Everyday I saw the mother bird sitting patiently on her eggs making it warm and ready to hatch. About a month later, two tiny yellow squabs came out and the mother continued to keep them under her wings. I wondered how the bird fed herself during this period. Some days, I sprinkled some left over rice near her territory. She feared everytime I opened the window. One day I even managed to click a family picture.

A couple of days later..

An old man came barging in, complaning about pigeon’s shit on his window. He was adamant and wanted to clear the nest. In no time, he shooed away the mother bird, grabbed the tiny ones in his hand and just left. (Yes, he just left slamming the door shut with a bang like an angry butcher holding a chicken). I hope he can now happily sit back on his armchair looking out of the window, not a drop of bird shit to bother.