The Mother Daughter Chemistry

As Mother’s day is nearing, here is my pick. I decided to share my opinion about – why daughters and mothers have a lot of disagreements between them.

So, the fact is you always enjoy hearing someone saying good about yourself. You keep expectations for every casual thing you do, the food that you prepare or the dress that you wear needs some kind of attention. You are result oriented (we all are!). Even if someone really appreciates you for the efforts, you will seldom hear that from your own mother.

At home, the pampering mode gradually fades away when the daughter starts to venture out on her own. During the early twenties, the girls do some self analysis, exploring their own potential and making new friends. Late twenties and thirties are about finding a career, learning to cook, finding the guy, and dressing up nice infront of family! Young mothers do the juggling exercise to balance three verticals – home, work and children.
Everyday it feels as if you are doing everything but no-one is there to acknowledge it! Yes, not even your dear mother. You just try to copy your mother, but somehow things does not seem satisfactory. Because you are not getting rewarded for your actions.

Have you wondered why mothers hardly give words of appreciation to daughters? It’s just their way of making you strong and able. When they scold you for silly matters, they are throwing you to the world out there, where you will face adversities and learn to live against the odds.

Your mother, she expects you to be the best and never gives you a chance to be over confident. She always wish that you evolve and be like her, but never agrees to it even if you succeed. So call it generation gap, signs of ageing or whatever, mother is your best critic and motivator. She owns the privilege to provide life’s invaluable lessons that nooneelse can teach you. She just wants you to be perfect in all sense.

Happy Mother’s Day.