Know your worth Ladies

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Hey friends,

My articles are usually women-centered because I feel that a woman’s life is a melange of diverse incidents, emotions, roles & changes, which brings about new topics to discuss almost everyday. The focus of this blog is about knowing the real worth of a woman. Now there are two parts to this – 1. a woman analyzing herself 2. society analyzing a woman. We will first introspect more about point 1 and later come to point 2.

Point 1: Many women have no clue what their real worth is! Women start their lives being daughters to their parents, then move on to become sisters, aunts, wives, mothers and grandmothers. As life progresses, they take up new responsibilities, change homes, evolve to become so-called mature individuals. The reality is that many of them assume themselves to have attained maturity, but are still a lot immature in their minds.  I’ve noticed that many parents don’t encourage the daughters to become independent. At a later stage, when the lady is left alone facing a critical issue in life, she feels like a weakling. I think beginning from childhood, girls should be given chances to tackle their own issues whenever possible. They should be able to realize that they are capable individuals and not dependent beings. This realization will help them build solid confidence moving forward.

On a similar context, there are a lot of women who go beyond their limits trying to win over the guys they have chosen. Sometimes they change themselves so much that they loose their own identity. However isn’t it true if I say, sensible men are only looking out for women who stick to their own true self. Why all this drama? Be yourself, you will find your man when its the right time without the need for any masquerades. If a man is attracted to a lady beyond the physical, then he will surely find ways to hold on, no matter what. And if you don’t find that someone, maybe its better you live single in your own good standards than settling in for less.

Now coming to point 2. Although many women believe that they are smart & capable, there are moments when they all breakdown emotionally while trying to cope up with situations around. Yes situations do affect women a lot. Many a times they tend to analyze their own worth by measuring the duties they perform, just as it is expected from the society. For example, a married woman is expected to perform the routine duties that includes cooking, child care, cleaning and so on. If the woman breaks free from this invisible cage of duties she is stamped irresponsible and selfish. In such cases, the woman herself feel that she is not of much value. So most often, a woman is being valued by her contributions to the family, but nothing else. If she steps out to make a difference in the system, then she is considered over smart. If she is not able to give birth to a child, she is made to feel ‘useless’. Are all women the same? If every woman is expected to be a carbon copy of the other, then why do they get educated at all?  I’v heard certain families demand that, the prospective bride should be well educated, but however she shouldn’t be highly career oriented. Well, ladies its your choice. Often many of you just keep all these feelings to yourselves and move on, hoping that someday things will get better. Apparently, things will not get any better unless you do something to come out of the negative zone.

Every woman should understand that, you are much more than dutiful wives, mothers to  children, caretakers for your folks, etc. You are yourself first and everything-else comes only after that. You are capable of something which others are not. Find your uniqueness, cherish it, share it with those who are true to you. Love yourself, be your own celebrity. Spend time with yourself, analyse yourself every day. If you think you need to get rid of a bad quality in you, work towards it. Ultimately, by knowing your true ‘worth’ you will not only learn to ‘move forward’ but will also learn to ‘let go’ of what you don’t really deserve.



Why WOMEN’S day is not all about Women


As the International Women’s day is around the corner, the routine campaigns are conducted all around the globe emphasizing the need for women empowerment, gender equality, women safety, saving the girl child, etc. From CEOs to daily wage workers, women from all paths of life come together to take part in these events to remind the society about their rights and privileges. When we say about rights – the list goes on as the right for birth, right to live a life free of gender discrimination, right for education, right to vote, right to advance their career, right to speak up and so on.

Over the years, these social awareness campaigns has paved way for many women to come out of their cages. Today, we have eminent women figures in the field of politics, science and technology, fashion, media, healthcare, travel and where not? Although it had been a mammoth struggle to disrupt the prevailing patterns of life, the results are not bad. It is observed that up to some extent the world has succeeded in preventing child marriages, cases of sexual abuse and female infanticides. If we further scrutinize the results, it reveals that the path to complete gender parity is still a long one. The alarming rate at which sexual abuse/harassment occurring in India leaves the common man contemplating on ‘where exactly are we missing out’?

Women education and violence tops the list of major equality issues in India. Apparently, if we dig deep to find the root causes, we will come back to our own homes finding the links. To be more precise, the required ‘change’ should be started at our homes. Instead of  holding women empowerment campaigns where only women participate and talk about their issues, why not conduct mutually beneficial awareness programs including both genders. If we accept a more open approach where both men and women assemble to exchange their ideas/opinions it may lead to a better sense of unification. Hence, women’s day is not exclusively for women but equally for men and women.

In traditional Indian families a trait of male chauvinism is still evident. Only if we make efforts to root this out from the system we can even think of a substantial change in future. Such men should be given proper awareness to make them understand why they shouldn’t deny education for the female family members.

In-order to bring down the culture of women abuse, we must instill moral values and principles in boys starting from the early ages. Apparently this has to begin right from the childhood in school as well as home. As many schools are more academically oriented, moral guidance classes are not taken as a serious requirement even today. We all know well that at any time the ‘abused’ or their families cannot rely on the government or politicians to obtain justice, hence we must think of creating a change in the individual level. Attaining gender equality shouldn’t mean proving one’s strength over the other but let the purpose of it be living in harmony with each other instead of conflicts. The true attitude behind gender equality should be ‘men supporting women’. An apt word for this concept was launched by UN women called as ‘HeforShe’. The HeforShe campaign ( initiated by the UN Women aims to engage men and women as agents of change by encouraging them to take action against negative inequalities faced by women/girls.