Custard fruit combinations

We all love ice creams and pastries anytime of the day. To satiate the taste buds of kiddos we have keep coming up with innovative food arrangements. Here is a few custard combinations I found interesting..
1. Fruit-Wafer-Custard combo

For one serving of custard for 4 persons, I used two heaped teaspoons of custard powder (any flavor) and 500ml milk with sugar as per requirement. If you want more quantity at one go, use 1l milk and 4 tsp custard powder. Chill for an hour or two.

Fruits: fresh strawberries and golden yellow apple. 

Add a few pieces of vanilla or chocolate wafers to make it more crunchy. You may top it with a flavored fruit syrup also in case you have any. 

I’m sure kids will love this new crunchy fruity custard. 

2. Apple-Rose syrup-Vermicelli-Custard

I wanted to make sure my kid feel tummy-full even though this is considered as a mid-morning or afternoon sweet dish. So, I boiled some vermicelli (Semiya) in water and kept it aside. Meanwhile I also got some apples (you may replace it with banana or chikkoo) chopped. I made custard using 500ml milk (I always make small quantities as I don’t want to end up having too much calories myself). Chill the custard.

Take a tall wine glass, add 3 tsp boiled vermicelli. Pour a layer of rose syrup (I used Rooh Afsa) add a thick layer of chilled custard, now add the fruits. Add a thin layer of syrup again to beautify, maybe draw a smiley. 

3. Butter cake-Custard-Pomegranate combo

Well, I had some butter cake at home and some ice cream left over. To get the double pastry effect, I added some cake pieces to the ice cream and added some pomegranate on top. Believe me, it tasted heavenly. You may replace the ice cream with homemade custard and also pour some strawberry syrup for more taste. 

Hope you will try these and share your feedback. 

Happy eating!!

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